Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Send in the Clones

Don't bother, they're here ...

Yeah, yeah, I know .... hideously bad pun.

Anyway, the Seoul National University has announced the publication of a research paper on the first-ever successful cloning of a dog. Dogs, because of their reproductive biology, are apparently a complete nightmare when trying to harvest the mature ova necessary to start the process, and very tricky to grow and implant into a bitch's uterus.

However, by a lot of trial and error (123 embryos implanted, 3 pregnancies - 1 died in utero, 1 died after birth of respiratory failure) they unveiled an illustration of their work.

A cute, gangly Afghan male named Snuppy (for Seoul National University pUPPY - low marks for originality, but a cute name) was unveiled along with its sire, as well as the Labrador surrogate bitch that carried it. He's quite energetic, based on the short video I saw. I have hopes that, being a dog, he can avoid the genetic senescence that has doomed Dolly the Sheep and CC the Cat.

However, we won't be seeing this kind of innovation in the United States. Thanks to our Luddite President and his superstitious 'base' we will be doomed to at minimum two generations of stupid kids.


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