Sunday, December 04, 2005

We Are Not Safe

We are not safe from terrorists, according to a recent critique of our progress since 9/11. That comes as no surprise - if we can't help our own people in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and the other states affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, how in the name of Bleeding Jesus can we expect the government to protect us from terrorists?

And, dear readers, we are not safe from our government. Allow me to list the particulars:

1. If anyone in the CIA, the FBI, or any other part of the Federal Government thinks that you pose a threat, you can disappear. Don't laugh and say it can't happen to you - the laws forced down our throats since Black Tuesday allow them to do this. And since "we don't torture," as President Bush has said, you can be bundled onto a plane and whisked away to an exotic foreign clime - where they DO torture. No charges, no lawyer, no trial, no judicial oversight.
Our Secretary of State has reminded the European nations that they are complicit in this, since they've supported us in the past and have allowed the planes to take off and land from their countries. No wonder we're starting to have the reputation and same general social cachet as a pile of moldering dog shit.

2. The party currently in power in two branches of the government (and seeking to impose its ideology on the third and most sacred branch) wants to turn the clock back to when you weren't guaranteed a minimum wage, health care, Social Security or a pension after you retire, or even (if you're a woman) the right to decide whether or not you want a child.

3. Our government is run by a self-aggrandizing bunch of liars, thieves and caterpillars upon the body of our great nation - and I'm being generous here. "Duke" Cunningham in California is just a minor example; he was just raping his own little corner of his state - there are people in Washington out to rape the entire country, from its environmental laws to its social welfare network.

Do I need to go on?


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