Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pity Party

I was perusing the Washington Post (something I am wont to do, as I am a bit masochistic) when this article smacked me in the eyes:

Bush's New Look on Iraq: Weary

Oh, fucking "Wahhhh!"

Let's have a pity party for the President. Iraq's stressing him out and he looks tired.


Now, I'll be the first one to admit that the post of President has a great deal of stress attached to it, and people in the job age rapidly. But to act all sympathetic about what is essentially a self-inflicted wound (Georgie, you really DIDN'T have to invade Iraq, despite what Cheney told you) is quite beyond the pale.

Bush says he sleeps well at night - how he can sleep at night without seeing the faces of those his war has killed is beyond me (but fits in well with several theories that say he's either narcissistic or a sociopath).

I would join the Pity Party, but I don't have an iPod small enough to play "Hearts and Roses" for him. All I have is the iPod Angstrom, which is exactly 6 hydrogen atoms wide. The controls for it take up most of a large room, but you get great sound quality.


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