Saturday, June 02, 2007


The News Blog's page has gone dark, and with a heavy heart the team who have been running the site for the past few months have announced the death of the blog's editor and publisher, Steve Gilliard (1966-2007). He passed away at a New York hospital after a long illness.

Steve's writing style was a ferocious and literate attack on anything he saw that smacked of stupidity or injustice (NYC politics, race relations, the War and the criminal ineptitude of the Bush Administration). He was erudite, and showed his grasp of history went as deep as his knowledge of food.

Rest in Peace, Steve.

You'll be missed.


Anonymous tenacitus said...

I am sorry that he is gone too. I think that the blog community has lost a very creative and talented writer who made New York politics interesting

2:57 PM EDT  

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