Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cue Up "The Godfather" Music, Maestro

Don Ridolfo Giuliani, the onetime Mayor of New York, is running for President. He was an advocate for gay rights, even living with a gay couple while going through his second divorce; he advocated gun control, and espoused various other causes that others might pronounce 'liberal.' His domestic arrangements have not smacked of marital stability, and some of his decisions as Mayor leave much to be desired.*

*(For those of you following along, he failed to give the FDNY and NYPD the proper radios after the 1993 WTC attack, moved the NYC emergency operations center to a known terrorist target, ran scared during the attack, tried to violate the city bylaws and the state Constitution by postponing mayoral elections, and the list goes on.)

But he's running for President of the United States now, as a Republican. Which means he's trying desperately to be all holier-than-my-opponent, anti-gay and in favor of giving blind people guns. And, since he's trying to appeal to the American Taliban and al-Qaeda (the rancid, mouldering "base" of the GOP), he's glossed over his two divorces and the fact that he practically flaunted his mistress (now Wife #3) in his wife's face. His own children won't support his campaign.

Now, when a person gets a Potomac jones, they start to act all weird, saying and doing things that normally they wouldn't do or say in a thousand years. I think it's like some of the GOP Reps. and Seantors we've read about lately - the testosterone rises, blood and semen backs up into the brain, and they Go All Funny.

Don Ridolfo scored a bit of an endorsement yesterday when G. "Pat" Robertson, Grand Ayatollah of the American Taliban (who doesn't need to share the title with Jerry Falwell any longer) came out in support of his Presidential bid.

Heh, heh. "Came out." How ironically appropos.

Ayatollah Robertson is notable for wanting to assassinate foreign leaders from Moammar Qaddafi to Hugo Chavez (incidentally, a business client of Giuliani's lobbying firm), and for blaming the terrorist attacks on 9/11 on the ACLU and gays. Hey, Robo-Pat, I'm a member of the ACLU, and I didn't see that on the meeting agenda that week. Find a new scapegoat to flay, motherfucker.

Which brings me to the theme music for "The Godfather." What did Rudy kiss in order to get Pat's endorsement? His ring, or his ass?


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