Saturday, January 19, 2008

Checkmated by Fate

Bobby Fischer died, in exile, at the age of 64 yesterday. He was a World Champion of the game of chess after defeating Boris V. Spassky in 1972.

Like all geniuses, Fischer walked close to the delicate line that separates us from the dark land of insanity, and may have strayed over a few times more than was healthy for him. Born of a Jewish mother, he became an anti-Semite; he renounced his American citizenship after playing a rematch with Spassky in Yugoslavia.

To this very day his play and his moves are studied and copied, analyzed and dissected by chess devotees. The game can only be said to be enriched by his legacy.


Blogger American Goy said...

The charge of anti semitism is akin to kids playing computer games online and shouting the word "noob" into the microphone.

Everybody is a noob these days.

Bobby Fischer was not an anti semite - he was against Israeli (you know, the country in the Middle East) policies.

If that is what it takes, then 100% of Europeans are anti semitic.

12:21 PM EST  

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