Thursday, January 29, 2009

At Least There'll Be Dessert

Governor Sarah "Go Ahead and Rape My Daughter, She Still Ain't Getting No Birth Control" Palin still manages to get into the news, like a weevil is able to insinuate itself into that box of cornflakes in your pantry.

Lovely image, that.

Anyway, The Magilla from Wasilla so far has managed to stay in the spotlight thanks to rumors that she's shopping a book deal for $11 million and has set up her own political action committee (named, with surprising modesty, SarahPAC). Now we hear she'll be at the annual Alfalfa Club dinner in Washington DC.

(Alfalfa Club? Where's Darla and Stymie?)

The sole reason she's going, apparently, is to say that she had dinner with President Obama.

Good for her, I say. I wouldn't mind sitting down to supper with him either. I'd make a few remarks that might get me kicked out. But what's going on in Alaska while she's down in the Lower 48 noshing on tasty viands?

Well, the drop in the price of oil has not been kind to Alaska, since the state economy is sort of predicated on it. The state is running a budget deficit, there are rumors of yet another ethics scandal emanating from the Governor's Mansion in Juneau, and some outlying communities in Alaska are in dire need of food and fuel or are in danger of having their populations die of cold and hunger. And I remind you that Alaska is part of the USA, the Mightiest Nation on Earth(tm).

To top all of this, there are reports that Mount Redoubt, 100 miles southwest of Anchorage, may be preparing to blow its top. It last erupted in 1989-1990, and it could raise havoc with air travel in that part of the state as well as endagering communities by causing mudflows. If it does erupt, the state apparatus will need a functioning chief executive there to lead and give the people some confidence.

But Sarah will be at dinner. Gods forfend that she should pass up her opportunity to schmooze in DC.


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