Monday, January 18, 2010

NFC Division Game - Vikings vs. Cowboys

Well, the game's been over about 13 hours now, and I'm still steamed, just a wee bit.

Not because the Vikings won, 34-3. I predicted that Minnesota would win. On an unrelated note, I'm 4-0 on my predictions this weekend (after going 2-2 last week).

Here's why I'm still a wee bit steamed.

With about two minutes remaining in the game and Minnesota up 27-3, the Vikings were within striking distance of another touchdown. The head coach sent in the play, and Brett Favre executed it perfectly. One Dallas defensive player darted over to the Vikings sidelines to accuse the team of running up the score.

Excuse me?

Since when is finishing the game with the highest possible score NOT the point of football?

I know what causes this - I see it at ball fields where little kids play softball, t-ball and soccer. If one side's score gets too high the game is either ended there and then or the leading team forfeits a player. I think George Carlin called it "the Pussification of America."

And it's not healthy.

Would Dallas Cowboys player Keith Brooking preferred it if, on 4th down and 1 with 2 minutes to go, Favre had taken the snap and put the ball down quite deliberately, and the rest of the Vikings team just stood by and let the Cowboys take the loose ball down the field for a consolation touchdown?

Which would be more humiliating? You choose, Big Guy.


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