Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup - Collisions

The Round of 16 was a round of car crashes, as some major sides collided and rammed into each other like meth-crazed goats in an effort to advance.

In the true American tradition of fair play and good sportsmanship, Team USA graciously conceded the early advantage not once, but twice, enabling Ghana to beat our side 2-1 in extra time. We have got to stop doing that shit, up front - strike hard, strike fast and get the advantage right out of
the gate.

Apparently England was awarded a goal against Germany back in 1966 - a goal that never actually happened and would not have been awarded were it not for the Azerbaijani referee. Which made the Uruguayan referee in last Saturday's match all the sweeter for Germany. Lampard's attempt was, in fact, a goal - but the referee inexplicably wasn't looking, so play went on.

Best arguments yet for goal-line and instant replay technology.

Having England go home was sweet, too, and to make matters worse their hotel rooms were burglarized by the hotel staff. Money, some small valuables, and mementos such as team members' underwear were among the stolen items.

Almost as sweet was watching the Spain-Portugal match. Cristiano Ronaldo spit at the camera after the 1-0 loss, not from contempt but from frustration. Spain's pressure was relentless, and the Argentine referee - no doubt used to such antics - made sure that the overacting was kept to a minimum.

The yawner of the round was Paraguay-Japan, which resulted in the South American side going through on penalty kicks, 5-3. So the Asian teams are all out, as are both North American sides.

The quarterfinals are set to start Friday:

Uruguay-Ghana: My pick, Ghana
Germany-Argentina: My pick, Germany (I want to see Maradona's head explode)
Netherlands-Brazil: My pick, Brazil
Paraguay-Spain: My pick, Spain


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