Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Words



This cadaverous-looking guy is Governor (p)Rick Scott of Florida, Republican, elected by a 53,000-vote margin last November. You can see why some people compare him to Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter books. I disagree with them, as Scott actually has a nose.

However, Scott was elected even though the people of Florida knew that while he was CEO of the Columbia HCA health-care company, he basically dummied up in his video deposition as the company forked over the largest Medicare fraud fine in US history - one Billion dollars.

So he's less than honest, and a fraudulent manager.

But he still got elected by a slim margin.

Scott campaigned on the motto "Let's Get to Work," and promised to do whatever needed to be done to bring jobs into Florida, which is suffering from an unemployment rate hovering around the 12 percent mark.

Okay. So how's he doing?

Well, he's sold off one of the state airplanes on eBay, which he may not have had a lawful right to do. He's run all over the country, pimping Florida in an effort to persuade companies to move to Florida and hire people.

And he's pledged to cut taxes (in a state with a hefty budget deficit) and get rid of 8,700 state jobs.


In a state with 12% unemployment, he's going to put another 8,700 people out of work?

Not much of a job getter, is he?

And it gets worse. The scoundrel has also scotched the projected high speed rail system for Florida, which would have brought jobs to Florida (construction, manufacturing, service and all that that implies), piously explaining that he won't take taxpayer's money.

The moron wing of the FL GOP (which is quite a few of them) applaud this, while everyone else was appalled. See, that's Federal grant money, and if Florida refuses it it goes to another state. California has already bid for it.

There was talk of trying to bypass Scott, and talk of a deal, but today Tampa Mayor Iorio (how had earlier called it the worst decision she's heard in 26 years) announced that Scott had killed the plan.

For someone who campaigned on bringing jobs to Florida, Scott's starting off on the wrong foot, isn't he?

There's no recall mechanism in Florida election law, but one enterprising Democratic legislator is putting forward a recall law bill proposal. Good luck, I say; with a preponderant GOP majority in both houses up in Tallahassee, I don't see the bill going anywhere fast.

So I think you'll agree with me when I call Governor Scott a Fucking Idiot.

Oh, and the 2,553,434 fellow Floridians who voted for Scott? Are you too stupid to know when to come in out of the rain, or what?


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