Sunday, May 15, 2011

Huckabee's Out. Republicans Decree Day of Mourning.

Reverend-Governor Michael Huckabee announced last night that after examining all of the factors involved in running for President, he has decided that he will not run.

The factors naturally included the financial cost to the Reverend-Governor (his book sales, his gig with the GOP's propaganda arm, and the cost of building a vast McMansion down in Florida) but I'm sure that part of it was a frantic phone call from Rupert Murdoch, who probably begged Huckabee to not follow Rick Frothy Mixture out onto the hustings.

So why do I have the "Oy." poster up?

Because the Republican Party has lost the person who - so far - had headlined the GOP field for the Iowa caucuses. Which has the benefit of throwing the field into even greater disarray. Some analysts think that the greatest beneficiary - at least in Ioway, down where the tall corn grows - may be Michelle Bachmann (at least until she loses against a high school sophomore from New Jersey).

So the free for all will commence as the huge group of mental midgets, moral degenerates, empty suits, and complete lunatics known as "The Republican Presidential candidates" start vying for the votes of the Taliban Wing of the Party.

And as the vitriol begins to spew, and the name-calling and negativity increase, the Party's Establishment (such as it is) will simply put palm to face.

And say "Oy."

Which leads me to another "Oy" Moment for the GOP.

Wrinkled Libtard Ron Paul (R-TX) declared his candidacy for the Presidency (for the third time) and promptly shoved both feet in his mouth. Since it's the season for declarations, he declared that he would NOT have voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, because he feels that it imposed restrictions on businesses.

He said in the same speech that he wouldn't have voted against the Jim Crow laws, either.

This is a sterling opportunity, dear readers, to see a completely unhinged Randite Libertarian running at full throttle. Paul thinks this is 'his time,' while I think it's time for him to be committed to an asylum.


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