Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The M2C Sports Desk - 2011 Season!

The 2011 NFL season started off with a bang, with last year's Super Bowl winner - the Green Bay Packers - beating the Saints on a Thursday night.

Things went crazy on Sunday when, amid the hoopla and solemnly overdone remembrance ceremonies for 9/11, the rest of the four teams in the NFC South failed to come away with a win. Of all the divisions in the league, only the NFC South came up goose-eggs.

Which made me laugh.

What made me laugh harder was that my favorite team, the Oakland Raiders, beat the Denver Broncos on a late Monday night game. The win breaks an opening-day losing streak going back to 2002 (which was the last year Oakland went to the Super Bowl) so the portents are good.

The Bucs and Cowboys and Miami lost. Hooray!


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