Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hmm. Weirdness.

Earlier today, I was out driving along when I ended up behind a guy driving a big pickup truck with Kentucky plates. This is not especially surprising, as this is the time of year when people from Elsewhere drop by America's Afterthought, leave all their money, and then go home.

What was surprising was something I noticed about the pickup truck.

Something . . . Odd.

There was a sandwich on the rear bumper of the pickup truck.

I at first didn't credit what my eyes were telling me, but as we motored along the sandwich obstinately refused to become a figment of my imagination. It just sat there on the rear bumper, on the driver's side of the vehicle.

It looked like quite the ordinary sandwich one might make in one's kitchen. Two slices of ordinary bread, and I couldn't quite make out what the slices might be concealing. Yes, it was definitely odd. Odder still was the fact that it wasn't wrapped, and didn't have anything between the lower slice of bread and the truck's bumper. Nothing! Not a napkin, a piece of paper towel, or even a paper plate.

It just sat there, clinging to the bumper. For about two miles until I lost sight of the truck.

I briefly contemplated trying to flag down the driver; you know, wave and point out just as a matter of historical fact that this driver who, despite being from Kentucky, seemed rather obstinately normal apart from the luncheon item clinging to the rear bumper of his truck.

Still, who am I to judge what other people might consider normal behavior? According to the license plate, he was from Kentucky. Putting unwrapped sandwiches on truck bumpers might be normative behavior there for all I know.

Still, it was . . . Odd.


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