Friday, May 10, 2013

Well, THAT was Interesting

I passed my fifty-first birthday last year (yay me!) and a recent blood test indicated a heightened level of liver enzymes. The levels were falling, which was a good thing, but my doctor insisted I get certain things checked out.

One of those things is a Certain Procedure that every man over fifty is supposed to undergo.

Yes. A colonoscopy.

Just got home from it, and apart from a twenty-minute gap in my memory I'm perfectly fine. One "small" polyp was recovered, and will be waterboarded in order to obtain information. Yes, I routinely authorize torture of any anomalous bits hacked off of me - it's a post-9/11 attitude.

I was told that I will have to take it again - in another five to ten years, depending on what info the polyp coughs up.


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