Wednesday, November 05, 2014

So. That Happened.

(Yeah, I know, I've been busy.)

What's next?

Before I attempt to answer that question, credit where it's due.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Anthem of the Republican Party of the United States:

Okay, that's out of the way.

Yes, the GOP won majority control of the US Senate, as well as several state governorships. There are more than a few members of the Chattering Class asking what happens next. Here's my take on that:

1. I anticipate at least two attempts to impeach Obama before he leaves office in January 2017 (and at least one after he leaves). I do not expect either attempt to succeed, as you require 2/3 of the Senate to convict.

2. I expect at least another 50 votes to repeal or emasculate the Affordable Care Act, all of which will be vetoed. These vetoes will provide another justification for #1 above.

3. I expect that all of the regulatory mechanisms put in place after the economic collapse of 2007 to be repealed, watered down or declawed, because nothing must stand in the way of mulcting the poor. Nothing.

4. I do not expect a leadership struggle between Senators Rafael Cruz and Mitch McConnell, despite Cruz's past rhetorical stylings.

5. I do expect that the current Hell-bent march into ignorance on the part of the Congress will continue. The popularity of the Congress has sunk to all-time lows, with the popularity of the Congressional GOP even lower than that. That won't change, and despite voter's apparent discontent with the GOP, they appear to have decided to give them another go at proving that government doesn't work.

6. I expect at least three more government shutdowns, largely the work of the aforementioned Senator Cruz, in order to do away with Obamacare and provide further fodder for #1 above.

7. There is NO #7.

8. I expect that things will not improve. Period, full stop, and the ancient adage that "people get the government they deserve" will be perfectly, exactly, and horrifyingly justified.



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