Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Holy Crap!

Asahi Shimbun (actually it's English mirror) has run the following story:

"A 15-year-old boy admitted he murdered his father for embarrassing him and killed his mother to end her misery before blowing up their home in Tokyo to conceal the crime, police said Wednesday."

Well isn't that special?

"The boy was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of murder after fleeing to an onsen inn in Gunma Prefecture.Police quoted the teen as saying: 'I killed them. My father made a fool out of me. I thought I should kill my mother with him because she was always saying that she wanted to die because of all the hard work she had been doing. I'm now feeling regret.'"

How nice - NOW he feels regret. And here's the last, oh-so-obvious piece of the puzzle:

"The teenager's classmates expressed shock when they learned of the arrest. They described the boy as quiet ... "

Gee, another "quiet kid" who goes completely bugnuts crazy. And not in the US of A either.

The madness is spreading.


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