Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Latest Distractions

The latest bit of news (fluff) to be dredged up and smeared across our faces to draw our attention away from the Total and Egregious Mess we're in is a news item from GQ magazine. Two of the soldiers who had been guarding Saddam Hussein in his undisclosed location (question: is Saddam's room down the hall from Cheney's?) revealed a few items about the current lifestyle of the former Evil Terror Oh My God Lock Up The Children Dictator of Iraq.

He likes Raisin Bran for breakfast, Cheetos and Doritos are his favorite snack food. He dislikes both Bushes (hey, who doesn't?) but admires Reagan. He also denies any link to Osama bin Missin' and al Qaeda, and stated that Bush knew going in that Iraq had no WMDs. Oh yeah, and he's almost compulsively obsessed with cleanliness. The two soldiers also said that he's convinced he's still President of Iraq, and dispensed advice to his guards.

I'm certain that Saddam can be quite charming, but then many psychopathic personalities are like that. If you've ever met a con man or an Evangelical, you'll know what I'm talking about. His compulsive cleanliness can be explained in two ways: he always seems standoffish in videos taken of him while he was in charge, and many inmates will get crazy about staying clean - they don't have much else to do.

Now, I'm sure that these two soldiers might have to face disciplinary action. They didn't disclose where he was held, of course, but public disclosure of details about his living conditions might piss off Rumsfeld.

All in all, another little distraction to take our minds off the mess in Iraq, by reminding us of a "high point," the arrest of Saddam.

Speaking of distractions, Senator Joe "Carbon Copy" Biden (D-DE) has announced that he's looking into running for President again. Has the Plagiarist forgotten that he was chased out of the race back in the 80s like a flea-bitten cur, or does he think we've forgotten? I'm sure he'd have more funds for his campaign this time, since he sold his soul (at interest) to the credit card companies that are such a huge feature of life in his state.


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