Friday, June 17, 2005

Jeb Bush is a Necrophiliac

Yep, he just can't stop screwing with the dead.

Weeks after the death of Terri Schaivo, Governor Jeb "the Moron's Brother" Bush has used his authority as Governor of Florida in yet another attempt to curry favor from the extreme right Culture of Life So Long As It's Not Foreigners crowd. He has ordered the State Attorney for Pasco and Pinellas County to begin investigating the 911 call made by Schaivo's husband when she collapsed in 1990.

Yes, folks. 1990. Fifteen years ago.

She's dead, Jeb, and it makes you look very bad to be hounding her husband fifteen years after her accident in order to score some cheap points with people you might want to support you in your Presidential run (and don't give me that fake "I'm not running" bullshit, you turd; you'll run at first opportunity).

Jeb's currying the righteous favor (fervor?) of the culture of life, who apparently believe that it's essential to save little blobs of cells, but it's okay to blow fully grown people to kingdom come, or kill doctors who might perform an abortion.

Which brings up another interesting point: While the Terri Schaivo Brouhaha was going on, and people were getting arrested trying to bring her water, a little baby named Sun Hudson lay dying in a Texas hospital. The doctors there had disconnected his life-support, over the objections of his mother.

Now why, you may ask, did the doctors do this hideous thing?

Texas has a neat law, called the Futile Care Law of 1999, that tells doctors to pull the plug on people they consider beyond hope. Who signed this law?

None other than that paragon of the Culture of Life, George W. Bush. Jebbie's brother.

Sun Hudson has died, but you won't see Texas Governor Perry demanding an investigation. You see, letting unrecoverable patients die is the law in Texas.


Blogger Missouri Mule said...

Jeb the Necrophilic, eh? That has such a nice ring to it! I love it1

11:39 PM EDT  
Blogger aikane said...

The bush DNA does not allow them to admit mistakes. Going after Terri's husband is a new low in vindictiveness. Call it another of his "devious plans" to enhance his image with the Culture Vultures.

10:38 AM EDT  

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