Saturday, July 23, 2005

Minding the Nieces

I was given the joyous task of minding my three nieces today (my brother had something to do, and the sister-in-law was out of town). So, after trying to walk them into the ground, I took them to the local mall.

Lunch at the food court, then I turned them loose in the games arcade. $26 in tokens later I called a halt to the hemorrhage and we went window shopping. Now, the oldest niece is 12, the youngest 10. Oy, as they say, flipping vey.

One of the places they insisted on going through was an entire store dedicated to Hello Kitty, that noisome and long-lived horror imported from Japan. I suppose Japan still hasn't forgiven us for Hiroshima, so they gave us Hello Kitty. I'm glad that I had a burger at the food court, since I would have needed an insulin shot from the extremely high level of sugary Cuteness in the place.

They settled down after returning home.


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