Friday, August 26, 2005

Two-Day Roundup

Wednesday and Thursday were quite nice, with me doing some writing and puttering about the house. Of course, I also had to watch the news (I find that if I don't pay attention, something manages to creep up on me).

Crazy Pat Robertson gave a backhanded apology for his remarks about assassinating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, saying that he had been "misinterpreted." Hmm. That's a common problem for many people:
"We have turned the corner in Vietnam."
"I did not have sex with that woman."
"The intelligence on WMDs in Iraq is a slam dunk."
"I have to catapult the propaganda."

Anyway ...

The national commander of the American Legion basically told people to shut up and stop criticizing the way Dear Leader is leading the war effort in Iraq. Well, so much for the freedoms he and other veterans fought to preserve, eh?

Speaking of Dear Leader, he took a vacation from his vacation and spoke to National Guard troops and their families in Idaho. I wonder if any were frisked for weapons beforehand?

All in all, not a lot of movement in the news the past two days, but Friday's here, so expect something to happen over the weekend.


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