Friday, February 10, 2006


When a roof starts to cave in, or the ice beneath your feet starts to give way, they usually give you a sign that things are about to go dreadfully wrong. The sign usually takes the form of a cracking sound, and it always translates as, "Run, you fool."

So the Bushite Junta is starting to hear a lot of cracking sounds:

The revelation that the White House knew that New Orleans was flooding the day before the date they said they knew;

The revelation that the White House did, indeed, 'cherry-pick' the intelligence leading up to our military adventure in Iraq;

The revelation that Scooty Libby did, in fact, receive orders from his superiors to 'out' Valerie Plame. This draws a direct line to Vice-President Richard 'the Dick' Cheney, who was Libby's immediate boss;

The revelation that the President has violated the 4th Amendment by authorizing warrantless wiretaps on Americans without even the rubber stamp of going through the FISA Court;

The revelation that Laura Bush eats puppies (sorry, I made that one up).

That's a heavy load for any Administration to bear. It's just as well that the economy's doing fairly well, or there would be howling mobs gathered before the White House, screeching for blood.

Can YOU hear the cracking sounds yet?


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