Thursday, July 27, 2006

Simply Amazing Stuff

What you are seeing is something that hasn't seen the light of day in about a thousand years. It's a psalter, a collection of Biblical psalms found in an Irish peat bog. Read the article - it's a simply wonderful find.

In other news, a long-forgotten well was excavated near historic Jamestown, Virginia, and a variety of artifacts were found, including a pistol and a shoe. Just stuff that someone lost, only to be rediscovered 400 years later.

And in a stunning and wholly accidental discovery (those are the best kind, by the way), divers off the Polish coast have found the wreck of the KMS Graf Zeppelin, the first (and only) German aircraft carrier.

Think of the treasures that might be beneath your feet. It's a wonderful, enthralling thought.


Blogger Jersey Cynic said...

Walt - I think about finding treasures ALL THE TIME! That bulldozer operator was a smart guy to do what he did. That was so cool.

7:28 AM EDT  

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