Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rate of Exchange

The Chicken Noodle Network (CNN) has estimated that, so far, 170 Lebanese have died and 24 Israelis.

Hmm, that's a ratio of 7.08 to 1.

Seven possible Hezbollah terrorists (and of course we won't consider the fact that these seven might be innocent civilians or even foreign nationals) for every Israeli.

Now, to listen to Our Slave Media, this is apparently a fair rate of exchange, as all of the outrage is directed toward the barrages of artillery rockets from Lebanon, rather than toward the fact that the IDF is dismantling all the progress Lebanon has achieved over the past 20 years.

But that's okay - according to the Slave Media, their Corporate Masters, and the Compassionately Conservative Pundits, Jews are worth more than Muslims, aren't they?

Aren't they?


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