Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Kiss Her Where It Smells - Take Her to New Jersey!"

That's a beautiful joke from George Carlin, native New Yorker and a wonderful comedian. And before I start getting flak from Newark, Paterson and other places, I am originally from the Garden State, and I also make fun of Florida.

Yesterday a smell was detected in New York City, from Greenwich Village and the Battery north to Harlem and as far west as Newark. It was identified as methyl mercaptan, the additive put in natural gas to make it stink (natural gas has no odor of its own). Some people are blaming the stench on New Jersey.

Well, who can tell, especially if it was wafting across the river from Jersey City? Half of the state's northeast quadrant is an industrial park to some extent.

It might have been one of those nice Government experiments to determine the spread of poison gas (like when they "accidentally" released nerve gas in Utah, and spread influenza viruses off the coast of Los Angeles to determine the spread of bacteriological agents - oh, and let's not forget the Tuskegee Experiments on syphilis).


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