Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Two schoolgirls got caught kissing by their principal, who captured the image and told the younger girl's parents. Their daughter was yanked out of school, and is probably now in some Gogolesque "deprogramming camp" as a result of her parents' homophobia.


In between all the footage shown of Cute Animals (like the polar bear cub Cnut in Berlin, or baby giant pandas anywhere, or that two-legged dog that has overcome its handicap), comes this movie review from

The movie's titled Zoo, and it's a documentary about a 2005 incident where a man died of a perforated colon after being sodomized - by a horse.

I'll wait for the collective "EWWWWW!" to die down. The movie doesn't show any re-enactments, but apparently this guy was part of a club that did this sort of thing.


Speaking of weirdness, one can't help but wonder what Our Dear Leader's drinking right now to keep him so dissociated from the will of the People and the complaints of the Congress. My guess is it's Brother Pat Robertson's Vintage Sacramental Wine (boosted with formaldehyde and laced with cocaine for that righteous high).


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