Sunday, June 03, 2007

Let's Get This Straight ...

With the candidates from both parties preening themselves like cheap whores on a street corner trying vainly to attract a john, and with states falling all over themselves in a blizzard of one-up-manship in an attempt to be the first or earliest state to hold a fucking primary, I shall establish a few terms as a baseline:

The Democratic candidates I shall term The Pack of Hyenas, as all they are doing right now is snarling and snapping (more at each other than at anyone else).

The Republican candidates I shall term The Barrel of Monkeys, as all they are doing is screeching and flinging poo at each other right now.

I believe the Pack of Hyenas is going through the beauty pageant's talent competition (again, sigh) tonight on the Cocksucker News Network. I am definitely NOT watching it, nor will I watch The Barrel of Monkeys when their turn comes up.

It's way too early.


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