Sunday, September 02, 2007

Protesting Too Much

I took occasion to watch an editorial blow by none other than the immortal Ben Stein on CBS Sunday Morning in regard to bathroom malefactor Senator Larry Craig (R-ID). Stein took the opportunity to excoriate the airport police in Minneapolis, saying that they were "out of control" and wondering if they had other, possiblky more important things to do (like protecting us from terrorists).

Methought that the inestimable Mr. Stein did protest too much.

Here's why.

No one is holding it against Craig for any supposed homosexual behavior; however, having sex in a public place is still against the law. The police are, among other things, supposed to enforce all the laws and not just the ones that please Mr. Stein.

Which begs the question of whether Mr. Stein has a dog in this hunt, too.


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