Saturday, August 11, 2007

(Early) Candide Moment

Here in Central Florida you can really tell that it's August. The highs are in the nineties, and when you factor in things like the dew point it can feel like 100 degrees or higher. Definitely not what you wnat to work out in, if you can help it.

So when it comes time for yardwork, I try to get started as early as possible (seven in the morning is good) and aim to be finished before 12 noon. Case in point, the garden in the picture below.
This is the sixth of the gardens around my house, and apart from the two plumbago (the bushes with the blue flowers) the other plants in the garden had died slow, agonizing, horrible deaths. So I dug them up, and replaced the two bushes at each end with cordyline 'Red Sister' bushes. Their dark red color will be an excellent contrast to the plumbago, and the center bush was replaced with a flowering hibiscus. I don't know what color the flowers will be, but we'll have to see. I also did some weeding in the other gardens.

And where was my cat Boudicca while all this was going on?
Where indeed?


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