Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Odds and Ends

I've been losing weight (down to 183.5 as of this morning), and as a result my usually hyperactive mind is getting sharper and things are flitting by faster. So this post will be just a few glimpses as the carousel spins around.

The GOP candidates for Supreme Generalissimo will be meeting in St. Pete tonight to fling their own dung at each other, masochistically masturbate to pictures of Hilary Clinton and occasionally answer questions put to them in the form of YouTube videos. Here's my question for this group: "When I first saw George W Bush in 1999, I wondered if this was the best that my party could dredge up. With that in mind, why in the name of Bleeding Jesus should I vote for any of you hyenas?"

I'm working on several more contributions for the Spontoon Island website, notably two more 30s-style radio scripts (one a melodrama, the other a comedy) as well as future installments of my long-running Luck of the Dragon serial. It can get interesting in my head at times.

Bush showed up at the opening meeting of the Mideast Summit at Annapolis (best pun - "Annapolis a day keeps the doctoris away!") but only stayed long enough to make a rambling speech and do an awkward photo op. He's leaving the legwork to his trophy chick Condoleezza Rice, who (if I recall) is an expert on the Soviet Union, an entity that no longer exists. Most of the delegates there are not sanguine about the meeting, particularly since the Olmert and Abbas governments are too weak to get any real changes past their respective populations.

General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan ceded control of the military to his hand-picked successor, who according to NPR is pro-American and wishes to cooperate in the Total War Against Terror. This clears the way for Musharraf to be sworn in as President for another 5 years, which was supposedly the justification for declaring martial law a few weeks ago.

While there is no evidence that Senator Trent Lott (R(acist)-Mississippi) ever performed the Oral Magic upon a goat during a Klan rally back in the 50s or so, it still makes a lovely rumor. Almost as good as the LBJ pigfucker story. "I don't care if it ain't true; I want to hear the sonofabitch deny it."

NBC reported a minor success story from Florida. The population of the Key deer, a dimunitive cousin of the whitetail deer, has rebounded to about 700 or so. It was close to extinction in the 1930s. Roughly the size of a dog, Key deer are cute and some are surprisingly tame, which worries some wildlife officials because what people feed deer is not necessarily what deer need to eat. But at least it's a spot of good news.

Balancing that is the story of a small boy whose mother crashed the car in the desert. He went wandering around (at night, in the desert) and encountered a man who was crossing the desert from Mexico. The man helped the boy, and was deported back to Mexico for his efforts. God bless America, huh?

No-frills skiing trip - where you stand on top of a hill and someone throws you off.


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