Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa Aftermath

Democratic Party side first:

Barack Obama won, with John Edwards and Hillary Clinton in the #2 and #3 spots. Dodd and Biden have withdrawn from the race, according to TASS - er, CNN. Before people starting getting their knickers in a twist about these results, it was pointed out to me that Iowa only correctly predicts the eventual winner only 25% of the time over the past few decades.

However, I had a vision while taking a shower this morning (it seems the place to have visions, thank you very much) of the eventual Prez and Veep nominees on the Democratic side. Who, you may ask? Barack Obama (Prez) and Bill Richardson (Veep). How's that for a combo that'll make the wingnuts go completely mental (well, more mental than usual)?

Republican Party side second:

Mike Huckabee won, with Romney and Thompson at #2 and #3. Romney put the best face on it, saying that Reagan lost Iowa but was the eventual nominee. But Mittens forgot one thing.

When Reagan was running, he had the support of the American Taliban as well as the GOP Establishment. Since the Whackos were never expected to actually front their own candidate, but to only slavishly vote for whomever they were told to vote, the state of affairs that has led to the Governor-Reverend's victory is causing people some serious, major-league angst.

Thompson came in third, so he's still in the race, such as he is. The Dessicated Corpse's aides had hinted that he'd withdraw before New Hampshire if he came in 4th or worse in Iowa, forcing Freddy to go on telly and squall that he wasn't dropping out.

Giuliani hit right about where Ron Paul ended up - sixth, but then Don Rudolfo had already written off the smaller states in favor of trying to catch up by winning in the bigger primary honeypots like Florida. Unfortunately, ceding the smaller states entails a heavy risk - an opponent's momentum going into a big state may overcome Rudy's overbearing presence.

Overbearing was used deliberately. Have you SEEN his Florida ads? I nearly sprained my thumb over the holidays hitting the Mute switch on my remote.

Still, it's on to New Hampshire, and we'll see how the weirdos up in the Granite State swing.


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