Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Okay, Back to the Lint Mines

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely New Year's celebration, and everyone managed to avoid getting too hung over. Wonderful.

My own celebration of the Great Wheel Turning including drinking (not much), setting off fireworks at midnight (leftovers from a year earlier), and grazing on snacks.

Well, it's now the 2nd of July, so I have to get back down to the grindstone. But first, a few resolutions:

1. I resolve to make fun of, if not actively insult, all of the Presidential candidates at every opportunity.

2. I resolve to get more physical activity.

3. I resolve to at least start my fourth novel (still undecided as to content - sword and sorcery, or my memoirs?)

4. I resolve to do my best to get promoted at my job.

5. I resolve not to get too depressed at the blithering incompetent who gets elected in a flurry of electronic ballot-box stuffing in November of this year.

6. I resolve not to gloat about the fact that this is my 650th post (damn!).


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