Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yes-Man Wanted - Military Experience Required But No Integrity Necessary

Word comes today that Admiral Fallon, the commander of CENTCOM, is tendering his resignation from that post. Although the Secretary of Defense, Robert "I Don't Know Much About Military Matters" Gates, denies it, Fallon's resignation may have something to do with an article in Esquire that implies that Fallon disagreed with Dear Leader over the White House's case of blue balls concerning Iran.

See, the White House wants to bomb the shit out of Iran. Why? Since the controversial NIE that showed that the Administration's overheated rhetoric about Tehran's nuclear program was nothing but hot air and marshmallow cream, you'd think there was no reason. The other reason (also shown to be largely codswallop) was that Iran is subsidizing Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

I'll wait for the chortling to subside. The idea that a Shiite regional power would be sending money and weapons to a Sunni insurgency is ludicrous. But we have to remember that these are the spinmeisters and blatant liars who conflated AQ with Saddam, and a lot of the American people will swallow anything if it's beaten into their ears enough by Fox News.

But Admiral Fallon's departure illustrates the basic tendency of the Bush Administration - surround Dear Leader with people who'll never say No to him, and force from office or humiliate anyone who disagrees with him.

So, farewell Admiral. Fair winds and a following sea, as they say.


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