Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain Shows Off His Collar and Leash ...

... Or, Why Sarah Palin Got Picked.

See, McCain's good buddies with Senator Joe Lieberman, and he thought (and why not?) that it'd be a great idea to have someone who's a known quantity on the ticket as his Vice President. Lieberman's been in the Senate and, to be fair, his removal from the Senate would only help the Democrats.

Enter the dragon, in the form of Ayatollah Jim Dobson and the zombie legions of the Religious Right, who vigorously opposed Lieberman as Veep because of his pro-choice attitude. They wanted someone who was a hard-core "social conservative" who shared their views. Romney, being Mormon, didn't cut it, and neither did Pawlenty.

But here's Sarah Palin, and the Zombies are swooning.

She's a mother of five still married to her first husband.

She's a woman who feels that women are too stupid to be allowed to determine for themselves what to do with their bodies.

She's a gun owner.

She's a committed Christian who's dead set against any science education in public schools.

In short, she's a Zombie's wet dream fantasy.

Never mind the facts that she's been Governor of Alaska less than two years and before that was the mayor of a town of about 5,000 people. Never mind the fact that she was all for the 'Bridge to Nowhere' until the federal funds got cut off.

And never mind the fact that the Republicans have cut their own dominant campaign meme of 'Obama is too inexperienced' right off at the knees, or that the man who supposedly puts his country first instead accepted an accommodation with the extremist American Taliban Wing of the GOP in hopes of getting his septuagenarian ass elected.

I'm all for anything that loses the GOP the election, but this smacks of McCain deliberately trying to throw the game. The Zombies who forced this on McCain obviously don't give a fluffy little rodent's derriere about the future of the country if McCain should die in office, nor do they give the mass of the American people much credit for intelligence (Palin being female, it is apparently hoped that any woman will vote automatically for any woman regardless of her politics or stances on issues).

Still, watching Palin fumble will be fun, and if it turns into an Eagleton Moment, fine by me. Because sometimes you have to destroy the village (or the Party) in order to save it.


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