Friday, November 28, 2008

An Open Letter to Henry Paulson

TO: The Honorable Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury
Washington, DC


As a registered voter and a taxpayer in this country, I have viewed with mounting dismay your attempts to correct the recent economic downturn by funneling large sums of money to various lenders who are either not using the money for its intended purpose or who are wasting the money on frivolous items.

I submit to you that bailing out the lenders is not the way to achieve any success in your objective.

I submit to you that bailing out the borrowers is the best way to pursue this, through paying down or eliminating private debts.

You can start with me as a test case. I have a certain amount of debts and, while not in default or behind on any of my payments, I think you can readily concede that I might require some relief. Since, after all, it's my tax money you're playing with, you can easily afford to send some of that 1.5 trillion dollars my way.

In short:

Because I'm a citizen, vote and pay taxes in this country, I'm your Goddamned employer. So, dear fascist bullyboy, send me some money you bastard. In closing, may the seed of your loins be fruitful in the belly of your woman.


A. Voting Taxpayer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise McLord for Hanky Panky!

9:57 AM EST  

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