Friday, December 12, 2008

Um ... Yeah, Right.

"... And it came to pass that Brian's fingers did naughtiness in the sight of the Lord, and male and female poked he them."

- from the companion book to Monty Python's Life of Brian

I was perusing the news sites, as is my wont, when this little nugget jumped out at me, courtesy of CNN:

Bent vows touching girls
not sexual

The article can be seen here, and tells of a "religious" man accused of sexual misconduct with two juvenile girls.

Makes me wonder where the hell the parents were and why they didn't a) put a stop to it, and b) beat the shit out of the "religious" man.

The imposition of hands is, indeed, a religious ritual, but not in bed and not between an adult male and two minor girls.

Here's hoping they put this asshole under the jail. There are some in prison who'd love to put their hands on him. Lord knows he'd start yelling "Oh God!" after the lights go out.


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