Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Read it again.

President Obama made the best effort he could, hosting parties and reaching out to the disgruntled obscurantists in the GOP and trying to impress upon them the need for the economic stimulus bill.

The House Republicans voted No en bloc; the Senate slashed enough funding to persuade three Republican Senators to turn coats.

Yesterday, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-Lisping Manchild) had the cast iron gall to blame the Obama Administration for not reaching out and said that the President was acting as if he could do what he wanted.

Senator Graham apparently has amnesia, or at least short-term memory loss. For the past eight years he and his partisan cronies let the Bush Administration run roughshod over the Congress and basically allowed a spendthrift wastrel to do whatever the fuck he wanted. Bush never had a mandate.

Contrast that with a President who sailed into office with 57% of the popular vote and a stultifying 2 to 1 margin in the Electoral College, along with opinion polling that indicates that the majority of Americans are totally fed up with the economic theory that you can cut taxes for the richest Americans and expect that to revive this moribund economy.

Take Rush Limbaugh's tiny penis from your lips, Senator Graham, and wake the hell up. While you're at it, you might want to let the rest of your compatriots know that continuing to screech the way you have about advocating the same failures that got us into this mess will almost certainly guarantee that the GOP remain a marginalized regional party for years to come.

Obama made his gesture, and it was batted away. Fine.

Time to let the grownups take over.


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