Monday, April 20, 2009

Going to Extremes

Several right-wing bastards have managed to rile up the usually somnolent American Legion and other veteran's groups over the recent report by the Department of Homeland Security. DHS is even the target of a lawsuit which alleges that DHS is unfairly attacking veterans.

To cast the cold light of reality on this tripe, the DHS report says that there's a possibility that right-wing extremist groups, hate groups and neo-Nazis will target returning veterans as likely recruiting prospects. These groups find veterans desirable because of their military skills with weapons and tactics - skills that could be highly useful.

The wingers, though, seem to have very short memories.

Timothy McVeigh, the man who blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, was a veteran of the United States Army and had earned the Bronze Star in the first Gulf War. After he got out of the Army, he drifted into the Extremist Right.

168 dead Americans.

And just this morning I learned of a Marine corporal who got arrested at Logan Airport in Boston in possession of a firearm and various bomb-making materials.

Makes one wonder what he planned on doing with these items, huh?


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