Saturday, April 11, 2009

"We are a Christian nation."

I've heard this statement a lot over the past ten years, from otherwise rational people who I can only assume are products of the American public school system.

The Constitution of the United States makes the case quite plain - this nation derives its sovereignty from the People who live in it, from its citizenry. The Founders wanted it that way, drawing upon philosophers such as Locke, Montesquieu and others who believed in natural law.

This constant mindless yammering about bringing religion into the political sphere is odious to any real American. If you yoke religion and government together you create the same conditions that exist in such sterling democracies as Iran.

Yes, Iran.

The theocrats in the United States want to create a Christian Iran, right here in America.

And we can't have that.


Blogger siying said...


I am sorry to leave a comment (or rather questions that I have for you regarding your 2006 holiday to Munich and Garmischen-Partenkirchen) again here (I have left it on your 2006 entry but am afraid its too far back to check).

I read about your experience in Garmischen- Partenkirchen. I was wondering if its worthy to go over there, i.e. will you recommend your best friend to go there?

You made a day trip there and I was wondering if I should do that or spend 2 nights over there? Would you have stay there? I was planning to go straight from Munich Airport to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and spend 2 nights there before going back Munich. Other than Zugspitze, I was wondering if there is anything there to see?

I look forward to your sharing :) as it seems that not many who has gone there has shared something on the web :)

Thank you!


8:34 AM EDT  
Blogger Walt said...

Well, there's the Olympic site (if memory serves, Garmisch was the site of the 1936 Winter Games there) as well as the spectacular scenery. Garmisch is also the birthplace of the composer Richard Strauss, of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" fame.

6:27 PM EDT  

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