Sunday, August 02, 2009

News Roundup

Another country heard from ...

Remember that North Korean freighter that everyone was so exercised about last month or so? The one that might have been carrying nuclear technology? The one that the DPRK threatened to go to war over?

Well, there might have been a reason it was on the way to Myanmar (once known as Burma). Seems that the military junta running the country over there may be planning a nuclear reactor, with plutonium extraction facility (of North Korean manufacture) capable of creating a nuclear weapon.

Why are they doing this? Fairly simple; the military junta doesn't want to lose their grip on power through foreign intervention, so they want a deterrent.

Another dirt-poor, ain't-got-a-pot-to-piss-in country wanting to run with the Big Dogs.


An unknown shooter approached a gay community center in Tel Aviv, Israel and started shooting. Three people reported dead in what the police are terming a hate crime.

Bet you anything the shooter's an ultra-religious nutjob.


From our "No Shit, Sherlock" desk:

It seems that the changing racial landscape of America has a lot of white people scared.

Not really surprising. Change scares a lot of people, and the looming fact that by 2040 or so Caucasians will be a minority in the United States is enough to scare people shitless.

So the screeching we've been hearing, the Birther conspiracists, and the increase in white rightist hate groups are only natural.

White power elites have two choices. One is to embrace the change and bow to the shifting power realities. That's hard, so it probably won't be the option used.

The other choice is for the power elites to try and curb the demographic trend. Anti-immigration policies are one manifestation of this. An extreme option would be for the imposition of apartheid in the United States.

Which would precipitate a holocaust, perhaps, but I doubt it.


Last week India christened and launched its first-ever nuclear submarine, the INS Arihant, notable because it was built entirely in India. With its arsenal of torpedoes and nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, it could pose a destabilizing threat to the balance of power in Southern Asia. Pakistan has already said that it could start an arms race.

Maybe this is what Senator Coburn was blathering about when he said that we needed the F-22 fighter to face the threat from India.


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