Saturday, September 05, 2009

Vacation, Day Five

I left Decatur early, with fog clinging to the hillsides as the terrain changed from urban to rural, with cornfields alternating with woods. The hills undulated - love that word; I need to use it more in conversation - for a good portion of the route, finally changing to flat ground for a good portion of northern Mississippi.

It started raining right at the Tennessee state line and continued to pour down on me as I made my way into Memphis and arrived at the hotel.

The hotel is fairly well-appointed and very spacious as the lower depths (the first floor convention area) started to fill with people dressed oddly.

Oddly? Yes.

Some with faux furry ears, some with tails, and others in full-body fursuits. Before I finally hit the bed last night I had seen quite a few felines and canines, two rabbits (one of them a jackalope) a bull and two skunks. I attended the writer's meet & greet, and will be attending other fora as the weekend progresses.

There's a secular humanist tea on Sunday afternoon, and I will surely attend for a bit of rational conversation.

I've taken a lot of pictures so far, and will take more, of course. I've also commission some artwork.


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