Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Vacation, Day Two

I got up to watch the sun make its daily appearance over the bay behind the hotel, had breakfast and set out for the Pensacola Naval Air Station. My goal was the Naval Aviation Museum there, particularly to see what improvements they've made there since I last visited in 1992.

Quite a few, actually. There's an extensive WW1 section that had me drooling. The Americans used British and French aircraft quite a bit in the Great War, with a few home-built models like the Curtiss MF-Boat seaplane (although they don't say whether MF meant "motorized flight" or "motherfucker").

They had a poster up to advertise a new exhibit on carrier operations and I started laughing, as the poster had "Tailhook" in bigger letters than the rest of the poster. It reminded me of the 1991 Tailhook scandal where several officers sexually harassed and molested young women.

I wonder if the Tailhook exhibit will feature ballwalking demonstrations.

So it was westward, ever westward and across the Alabama state line, watching with interest the transition from pine forests and bayous to rolling hills and vegetable farms. Then it was a series of bridges and shortly the spires of Mobile appeared on the horizon.

Along with the angular superstructure of the USS Alabama, a South Dakota-class battleship sporting sixteen-inch guns in her main battery. Arranged in a park are examples of armored vehicles (including an Iraqi T-55 tank appropriated in the 1991 Gulf War) and some planes.

A night spent in Mobile, and soon it'll be time for a long step north.


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