Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bill McCollum Hates Florida's Sick People

At about 11:30 AM today, President Obama signed the health care reform bill into law.

At about 12:02, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum filed suit against the new law, alleging that it is unconstitutional.

I look forward to reading the briefs for the various arguments, but this is a political move on McCollum's part. See, he wants to be Florida's next Governor, since incumbent Charlie "For the Last Time, I'm NOT Gay" Crist has opted out of re-election in favor of anal rape at the hands of the frenetic Marco Rubio.

McCollum can energize the Stupid Wing of the GOP by attacking what might be considered "socialized medicine" if it ever held anything in it that smacked of socialism. He can also use it to bash Democratic candidate Alex Sink, Florida's current CFO, over the head with it.

Sink, for her part, would be well-served with running attack ads that blare out what I've penned as the title to this post.

How do I know this is a purely political move?


Florida has a massive budget deficit, so McCollum's decision to join the lawsuit against the health care reform law will only hurt things further. But that's okay - the GOP-controlled Legislature can always cut a few more social programs.

Say! Are there any widows and orphans they can steal pennies from?


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