Friday, July 09, 2010

World Cup - Oh, Poop ...


For the first time since 1978, the two contestants for the World Cup will be teams that have never won the tournament. Netherlands beat Uruguay, and Spain outlasted Germany.

The Dutch opened the slugfest by scoring first, then Uruguay equalized. Then it was Holland all the way until the led, 3-1. One minute into injury time the Uruguayan side managed to scare the chocolate out of the Dutch fans, but were unable to seal the tie. They lost, 3-2, and will play on Saturday for the right to say whether they came in third or fourth.

Spain showed that they were a better side, peppering Neuer in goal so many times it was only a matter of when. Germany did their best, and I think they'll all be back, including manager Jurgen Loew. Spain, 1-0.


Saturday, Germany meets Uruguay for the booby prize.

Sunday, Spain (which has never made it this far) and the Netherlands (who've been to the well twice before and came up dry) will collide for the trophy. The match also has the distinction of being the first all-European final to be held outside of Europe.

So this isn't over. Let's sit back and watch the fun.


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