Sunday, October 24, 2010

Juan Williams

Or "How to Spot A Terrorist."

Juan Williams is one of those people fond of speaking out of both sides of his mouth. In addition to his work on National Public Radio (that supposedly well-known bastion of liberalism), he carries water and parrots talking points diametrically opposed to anything smacking of good sense. In other words, he spent his off days on Fox.

No longer.

Williams got himself canned from NPR for blathering that he feels "nervous" when he sees a Muslim wearing distinctive garb on the same airplane he's riding in. Do I agree with NPR's decision? No; Williams can talk about whatever makes him nervous (I get nervous when in airplanes too, but that's because I don't like to fly).

But if NPR shitcanned Williams for being an idiot on Fox, they should have cut Mara Liasson off years ago. He had a First Amendment right to say what he pleased, provided it stayed within the bounds of good taste and wasn't inflammatory. If he had said, "You know, I get nervous when I see a sand ni**er wearing a towel on his head gibbering about Allah on my airplane," NPR would have been justified in firing his sorry ass.

The real issue here is Williams' stupidity. If you look at the Maine airport video from 9/11, you'll see that Mohammed Atta and the other eighteen hijackers were dressed just like you and me. In other words, "normal" for the place and culture they were in. If they had shown up at Logan and JFK dressed in thodes with keffiyehs on their heads it would have been a dead giveaway, wouldn't it?

The 9/11 hijackers blended in, Juan my boy. That's how they managed to get aboard the planes they later commandeered and flew into their targets. Simple observation would tell even the dullest person that this is simple camouflage - you don't see an undercover cop wearing a badge, do you? You don't see Rich Iott on the campaign trail dressed in his Waffen-SS playset.

There's only one close-to-justifiable reason for NPR's action, Juan.

NPR is for people who think critically and have a strong grounding in reality. Which means, of course, you were bound to leave at some point.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said Walt!

10:28 AM EDT  
Blogger BG said...

Based on your commentary you don't know sqat about false 9/11 "conspiracy theory" put force by the media and US govt.

There is no reason to believe that the video showed to depict the "hijackers" is or is not accurate.

10:37 PM EDT  

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