Sunday, January 02, 2011

From the M2C Sports Desk

It's January 2nd, and for me that means only one thing - the final week of Football Season. I'm a pro football fan, so basketball and hockey really don't hold much of my attention, so there.

So let's hit the gridiron, folks!

The playoff picture is gelling like a Jello mold consisting of horse manure and sweet honey, with the loathsome New England Fucking Patriots beating the Miami Fucking Dolphins (have I mentioned that I HATE HATE HATE the Dolphins?) and cementing their top seed in the AFC playoffs. To the West, Kansas City's headed to the playoffs, damn them (but at least they aren't the Chargers).

The Raiders win a prize for being Most Improved, ending the season 8-8 on the year and unbeaten in their division. Unhappily, I am hearing speculation on ESPN that Oakland coach Tom Cable will not see another season with Oakland. That's a damned shame, as the Raiders have had five coaches in the past seven years, and you can't get any continuity with that rate of turnover. Cable's made a case for staying on; 6-0 in the AFC West, and the first time since 2002 that Oakland's finished with less than eleven losses. Al Davis may yet defy augury and keep Cable.

Now, for the NFC. Ho, hum. The afternoon games are still going on, but who really cares? Most of the pundits are already awarding the Lombardi Trophy to the fucking Pats.

So, what after the NFL season? I suppose I'll watch association football, which we call soccer and the rest of the world calls football.

And that's all for now, from the Sports Desk.


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