Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bismillah, al Rahman, al Raheem

"In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful . . . "

Representative Peter King (R-Racist Buttfucker) of New York has a problem.

The problem is cognitive dissonance, a very high-falutin' pair of words meaning basically that he can hold two or more completely contradictory concepts in his tiny, tiny brain without having his head implode.

The two concepts are:

1. His ability to overlook his support for a terrorist organization populated by religious extremists, and

2. His current hard-on to go on a McCarthyesque Congressional rampage looking for disloyal elements within the United States.

You see, King has a hard-on for Muslims. He thinks that they're all fifth columnists or at the very least fellow travelers for The Great Muslim Terrorist Conspiracy, which differs not a whit from the earlier Great Communist Conspiracy.

But King has a few skeletons in his own closet, notably his support for the Irish Republican Army, the aforementioned terrorist organization populated by religious extremists (in this case, very militant Roman Catholics). So he's setting up a session of the committee he chairs - the rather Communist-sounding Committee on Homeland Security - to investigate the alleged spread of Islamic extremism.

To make sure that no one speaks out against this stupid waste of taxpayer money, King has made sure that the only Muslim member of the Congress, Keith Ellison, won't have a chance to question or rebut the parade of assholes he has on the witness list.

I would very much like to have a witness on his committee ask him about his IRA involvement. It ought to be amusing, for a few minutes.

However, King must have his way, since the Democrats in the House are a minority. King's crusade smacks of too much alarmism, too much zeal.

Too much of a Drama Llama.

To which I say:

No Drama Llamas!

The GOP attained a majority in the House by running on Job Creation - well, where are fucking jobs, King?

Where are the fucking jobs, Boehner?

Where are the fucking jobs, Cantor?

Ooops, better dial it back, or I'll be a Drama Llama.


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Lol, that's my anti-drama llama image I made years ago.

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