Monday, September 26, 2011

The Mark of Cain

Straw polls don't mean much.

Back in the deeps of summer, Iowa held a straw poll. It was observed at the time that only the most dedicated, passionate, or just plain bullfruit crazy actually turn out to vote in a straw poll held at a state fair. It's so easy to get addled on deep-fried butter, it seems.

So the insane of Iowa chose Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann.

Last week, the GOP candidate field assembled in Florida for yet another round of useless circle jerking before the actual primaries begin next year. After the 'debate' (of which more later), another useless straw poll was held.

And Herman Cain, the jiveass preacher/former Godfather's Pizza CEO/bullgoose loony/'safe' Republican African-American candidate, won. By double digits over the next highest in the poll, (p)Rick Perry of Texas. The Romneybot came in third, and the rest of the field - well, they were insignificant before the vote, and they're insignificant afterward.

Yeah, we're in for a rough campaign season.


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