Friday, October 21, 2011

In Right-Wing Utopia ...

It's the job of Government and the media to keep you afraid of The Other, whether it's spooky foreign people who don't speak the same language or worship the same tribal deity, or if it's your own neighbor just because he or she may not agree with you.

It's the job of Big Business to keep you afraid that you'll lose your job, enabling them to keep you working until you drop dead for low wages and few real benefits.

It's the job of Wall Street to keep you afraid you'll lose what little money you have, while they get richer.

It's the job of The Churches to keep you afraid of anything that might be considered enjoyable, while at the same time keeping you stupid.

Any argument with this?


Blogger brite said...

Fear is the true opiate of the masses.
"Fear is the mind killer"
Frank Herbert Dune
Please stay unafraid Walt..your country is going to need you like never before in the coming days.

11:29 AM EDT  

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