Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Feckless Tales of the TSA

I went up to Memphis last month to attend a furry con. In my carry-on luggage I had a tube of antifungal cream.

A metal squeeze tube.


The TSA screeners never noticed it, never asked me about it. They passed me through with no trouble.

'Twas a different story when I was on the return flight. The inconsistency astounds me.

Second story: There's this guy I know who lives in Arizona, but he's originally from Iceland (yeah, yeah, I know - one extreme to another, right?) and he flies back to Iceland to visit family about twice each year.

He got back to the United States and discovered that some roguish japester had concealed a box of shotgun shells in his carry-on bag. Not the first time, either. And the alert TSA screeners in Boston and New York completely failed to notice. Of course, so did Customs at Reykjavik.

Carlin was right. It's all just an illusion.


Blogger brite said...

Thanks for this Walt. But as Carlin points out, in the very last bit, it's really all about 'them' manipulating you any time they long as you put up with it.
Also... Carlin was a genius and a god!

10:22 AM EDT  

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