Friday, October 28, 2011

Lack of Perspective

A guy in Albany, Georgia went to the local Taco Bell and ordered, Cthulhu help us, something called an XXL Chalupa. When he bit into this abomination, he discovered - to his horror! - that there wasn't enough 'meat' in it.

After first demanding a correction, then using the vaguely-worded threat of "redecorating" the establishment, someone firebombed the store. The guy with the shitty Chalupa is in custody on suspicion of arson.

I bet jail food's better for him than some kind of disgusting, gods-forsaken bastardized Tex-Mex abomination from a fast-food franchise.

Actually, were he a clear-minded thinker, he might have simply thrown the Molotov Cocktail first, instead of throwing away his money on an XXL Chalupa. But such are life's little ironies.

The guy's guilty of a complete lack of perspective.


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